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Brand: New exibition
farras abdelnour
Feb 6, 2024
Pleased to be part of the current online exhibition by Treat Gallery along with beautiful work from February 1 to 29. The art is also available at Artsy.


Treat Gallery New York is pleased to present “Brand": New,” an exhibition of work that is Brand New; created between October 2023 January 2024.

Reinvention is no stranger to the contemporary art world. Artists have had to pivot repeatedly, most recently; during the recession, the coronavirus pandemic, and the rise of artificial intelligence. To reinvent is to change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new, or to take up a very different job or way of life. To re-establish something as new is to begin a process, or make significant changes or improvements to (something.) Words commonly associated with reinvention are: transform. disrupt. redesign. experiment. modify. reclaim. treat gallery-challenged emerging artists to present this theme to us conceptually or visually.

Exhibitors include Alina Andriushchenko, Allen Morris, Amie Hollmann, Blaine White, Cheryl Safren, Daria Burobina, Farras Abdelnour, Jia Hao, John Romi, Luke Woodford, Marni Mutrux, Matt Perrin, Michael N. Meyer, Randall Steinke, Sabrina Skinner and Susan Bowen.For Brand: New, 20% of Sales will be donated to the New York-based non-profit A Second U Foundation. A Second U Foundation works to ensure formerly incarcerated people are not defined by their sentence but given the tools needed to be successful. They offer skills and guidance, while providing a supportive community, as they create careers and rebuild their lives.“Brand New” will be up through February 29th.

To acquire or learn more about a piece, you may contact us directly, view the exhibition on our Artsy page, and/or follow us on Instagram and Bluesky at treatgallery.

Brand: New — treat gallery

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